Managing the process

UNITED SAFEWAY services are designed to ensure that each step of your requirement from transportation to on board of your container and to provide complete logistics solutions is carefully co-coordinated and managed.

Our staff is comprised of professionals who are committed to securing the process so as to meet your requirements.


Linking up with you

In order to better understand your specific needs and expectations, we work closely together with you. We begin by designating a dedicated client team with the exclusive task of examining each step for the requirement by providing round the clock services. Their job is to understand the nature of your requirement and to assist in optimizing your logistics processes.

Working in conjunction with you, the client team will develop, implement and maintain standard operating procedures that will suit your specific needs, this becoming the fundamental document from which we will operate as per your requirement.


Timing is everything

Where time is of the essence for certain sea shipments is the natural choice. UNITED SAFEWAY understands why valuable time must not be lost. Our highly skilled employees care about your merchandise as much as you do.

Processing and overseeing each detail of every stage, so your merchandise arrives safely and as quickly as possible. That includes processing all the administration work, handling and documentation before and after of movement of the containers from
the yard.


Eliminating Guesswork

To monitor the exact progress of your merchandise through each step, you’ll appreciate our global data processing and sophisticated communication network. These UNITED SAFEWAY, systems have been designed to make the entire process totally transparent.

That way you can make decisions based on real facts and real time. Knowing exactly where your merchandise is anywhere, at any time will eliminate the guesswork on your part.